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The Department for scientific research, is an independent unit of the University of Plovdiv, through which the academic management of the university organizes and administrates the scientific research, of the scientists from the university, on the basis of contracts with different international, national and private institutions and programs, which are part of the common policy of the university, as a higher education institution and research center.

The Department for scientific research ensures complete financial accounting of contracts; provides serves for the research contract, including when a contract is executed for intellectual products, property of scientists from the University in compliance with copyright law and the rules of the University for patents and intellectual property.

The department covers the activity of the academic staff that is responsible for service organization and making fundamental and applied research, consultant, expert, technological and other activities.

The Department for scientific research develops over 230 contracts yearly, covering different areas from natural and social sciences, financially secured by the following sources:

  1. International programs;
  2. Contracts concluded with the National Fund “Scientific research”;
  3. Fund “Scientific research” with in the University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski”;

Main activities:

  • Administrative, financial and logistic services for research projects;
  • Search for sources of funding and partners for research projects;
  • Assist in the preparation of proposals for new projects;
  • Making connections with other units in the University, with other state institutions and with other universities;
  • Promoting research results in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • Participation in international programs, networks and initiatives in the building of the European Research Area;
  • Organizing conferences and seminars related to research;
  • Publishing a repertory of the results of the research projects in the University.